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Try to leave this world a little better than you found it.
R. Baden-Powell
If you are working to change the world for the better, we would love to help.

About Ethical Websites

@ Ethical Websites we believe in the concepts of social justice, human rights and animal rights and we like to challenge the status quo.
If you share our own vision, we would love to help.

We like to challenge ourselves and be inspired day after day to create fresh and new websites, logos and digital designs. We blend innovative graphic design with an easy-to-use interface because we believe in balancing aesthetics with functionality.
Don't believe us? Have a look at our portfolio.

We build our websites from scratch. This means no pre-determined website builders limiting us because at Ethical Websites we believe a website should be designed to perfectly fit u or your business. We are very 'old-school' in our choice of coding each single line of HTML, CSS, JS or PHP.

Ethical Websites is not just another Melbourne based web design and graphic design studio. We like to put our core values first both at work and when our computers are off. That is why we consider ourselves ethical. For example, all our websites are 100% carbon neutral.